Frozen Margaritas

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Plenty of people enjoy the taste of margaritas, but you likely have never tasted anything as good as our frozen margaritas. We specialize in frozen adult drinks at Frio To Go, and our frozen margaritas are the best in Houston, TX. One sip and you will realize everything you have been missing out on.

Our menu is full of a variety of specialty margaritas, which means you can try a different one every time you come visit us. If you sign up for our Frio Fanatic membership program, you can earn major rewards every time you try a new margarita!

What makes our frozen margaritas so good is that we make them fresh every day. We do not use prepackaged mixtures like some restaurants, and we use fresh fruit in all of our frozen drinks. The end result is a drink that is cold, refreshing, and absolutely delicious— and you can only get it at Frio To Go.

While our adult menu is filled with frozen daiquiris, margaritas, and coladas, we also recognize that there are many families in the Houston, TX area that might want to enjoy themselves at our establishment. That is why we also have a family-friendly menu that includes freshly made shaved ice, snow cones, and smoothies. We have a variety of flavors available, and each is more delicious than the last.

We are open every day of the week and will always work our hardest to ensure your drink is made perfectly. For the best frozen margaritas in Houston, TX, call or visit us at Frio To Go!

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